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Ian Mckenzie who’s known as Papsy was born May 26, 1988 in St. Cathrine, Jamaica and moved to NY at the age of 8. He is a producer who professionalizes in all around production, mixing mastering and beat making. He is the owner of Remalinks Records who also manages and produces all of up and coming artist Skinny Rapture music. He looking to make cross over music with dancehall, hip hop, reggae, dub step and many more.
Growing up he was influence by a wide range of artist like Vybz Kartel, Bounty County Killa, iOctane, Garnet Silk, Snoop Dog, Doc Dre and 50 cent. His music career started off by promoting and throwing parties at a young age by booking top DJ like Polish, and Mighty Jo Young from Queens. He eventually started DJ and became a very well know DJ and throwing parties like Chicken and Beer, All white boat ride, and All black affair. In 2009 Camouflage sound’s A Plus, Scary, and Tummy recruited Papsy and he continue Dj with them. They use to have a studio in Deer Park NY that was called Rema, this is were they would meet up everyday work and hang out. Papsy wanted to make his own label and become a producer so he bought an M box, a microphone and a mac book. He got Rema from the name of the studio and added Links because that was a part of his Soullinks promotional name, to form Remalinks. Working in the studio everyday he linked up with artist Skinny Rapture who use to be a dancer for Mad Hype and wanted to start recording.
In 2013 Papsy registered the label Remalinks Records LLC. He began working with people in the industry and was link up with recording artist Hyah slyce. Hah Slyce came by the studio and recorded Love Story ft Skinny Rapture which was one for the singles on his first project, Journey Mixtape. Hyah Slyce then linked him up with Producer Rvssian Headconcussion who worked with Papsy on first official single Turn Up with artist Skinny Rapture. Following this he produced the single, Sickasitten. He then branched out to other recording artists through his street team, Damian Leing aka Foody in Jamaica that led him opening his own studio. The studio was on Molynes rd in Kingston, Jamaica where he produced songs with recording artist Lady Saw, Kalado, QQ, Sizzla. He recently released 2 singles with artist Skinny Rapture, Empress and Roses. He currently  resides in Long Island, NY and has many new projects for 2017.


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 Phone: (631) 383-1916

 Email: remalinks@gmail.com


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