The Man Behind the Scenes: Shaun Cairo of Shakir Entertainment Management

The Man Behind the Scenes: Shaun Cairo of Shakir Entertainment Management

December 31, 2014 | Patricia ‘Blu’ Freeman

When you see, or hear about celebrities on your television and film screens, such as Brad Bufanda, Max Carradine, Gregg Wayans, Summer Wayans, Terry Hunt of WeTV’s L.A.Hair, Jonathan Fernandez of K.Michelle My Life on VH-1 and many other various talented artists, you see & hear some of the work of Shaun Cairo of Shakir Entertainment Management.


Shakir Entertainment Management, the brainchild of Shaun Cairo, is a full service management company that represents celebrities (actors, singers, producers, choreographers, songwriters) and lots more. Having worked with the likes of  HBO, MTV, Hollywood Talent Agencies, Major record labels, International recording artists and magazines, it has successfully guided the careers of many in the entertainment industry.   Shaun spearheaded the 2009 #1 dance, club single ‘Bad bad boy’ by former Madonna backup vocalist Niki Haris as well. Scouting, developing and presenting talent from all over the world, Shaun has eye for talent and stands proud with the belief that passion creates results.  Motivated by hard work and the know how to follow through he is someone that creates opportunities and designs innovative ideas.


In this interview we get to delve into the world of CEO/Manager, Shaun Cairo, the man behind the scenes, and gain insight on what is takes to run a successful entertainment management company that is home to some of the most sought after artists in the entertainment industry.

1. Where did the concept for Shakir Entertainment come from?

The death of my(Shaun Cairo) mother prompted me to start the company.  She continues to motivate me daily, along with strong faith in my God.

2. Developing your client is something that must be done initially before you present them to the world. Does the ‘potential’ client have to come with some sort of experience and if not is the development a long process before you present them for projects?


Shakir Entertainment Management not only signs artists with current careers and success in the business, we also sign ‘new’ and upcoming talent.  You want to showcase what they’re all about and do that clearly. Either it’s their sound, their image or something else, but everything must be put together immaculately. Shakir Entertainment Management has the policy of not accepting unsolicited material. But we are always on the lookout for ‘new’ & upcoming talent.  All newcomers need to live by the creed of being patient, keep busy & always remain driven, no matter what the circumstance.

3. Are you international as well as US?

Our business takes us not only all over the U.S. but other countries as well. Shaun Cairo is the U.S. manager to Kiev, Ukraine 2012 MTV EMA winner ‘Alloise’.  Alloise is a singer/songwriter who resides in eastern europe.

4. As the management of Shakir Entertainment Management, you must wear many hats and do a lot of promoting. In what ways do you utilize different resources to optimize the maximum exposure for your clients? Do you have a team to help promote each artist on your roster?


As a manager, I handle a lot of promotion via my clientele but also have assistants & certain clients have their own publicists. Shakir Entertainment utilizes magazines, radio, social networking and so on, in pursuit of quality promotion for our people and their projects.

5. You are always working with notable celebrities in the entertainment business. Are there any new clients recently added to your roster?


Among Gregg Wayans, Summer Wayans, Max Carradine and other celebrity clients listed on our roster, Shakir Entertainment Management is also home to celebrity hairstylist & reality t.v. star Terry Hunt from WeTV’s L.A. Hair & celebrity makeup artist/ reality t.v. star Jonathan Fernandez of K.Michelle’s, ‘My Life’ on VH-1.

6.  What new projects are coming up for Shakir Entertainment Management for 2015?


Shaun Cairo, is co-executive producing the 2015 horror film ‘Bloodthirsty’.  Bloodthirsty was written & will be directed by Mr. John Funk, whom happens to be a client of Shakir Entertainment. Shaun Cairo procured the deals via client Gregg Wayans to star in two upcoming films in 2015. We have several other deals pending as well, stay tuned!

7. What advice can you give a ‘newcomer’ to the business interested in obtaining your services?


What I say to people whom are just starting out in this business is, you’ve got to stay motivated and grounded. You must work hard and never give up even when the door is slammed in your face. Hard work and determination always pays off in the long run.

8. Where can we find Shaun Cairo and Shakir Entertainment Management on Social Media?


You can find us via social media ie., twitter & facebook.  Our official websites are:  &

9) Did you believe or foresee that your journey would  take you this far to be one of the most successful companies in the entertainment management business?


I never really focus on the success of the company. I really try to just wake up everyday and love what i do.  It’s simple for me, not complicated.  I thank God to be doing and working at something that brings me joy all the time.

There you have it! Shaun Cairo of Shakir Entertainment Management. Check them out at their social media links. We’ll back soon with Shaun to get updates on them and clients on their roster.


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