Style Watch with ‘Blu’: With Gregory Taylor of Walish Gooshe:

Style Watch with ‘Blu’:

Gregory Taylor of Walish Gooshe: Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur and new Reality Television Star.

September 29, 2014 | Patricia ‘Blu’ Freeman

Fresh off the runway of Philly Fashion Week, Fashion Designer Gregory Taylor of Walish Gooshe, presented his Spring 2015 Collection. As the models walked down the runway, we saw spectacular, well constructed garments of Leather, sheer and mesh among the fabrics chosen for this collection. A beautiful collection and by far, the most daring, chic and classy to say the least. The expectation is nothing less of the Taylor Collection, especially because of his experience and longevity in the fashion business. With the short absence of Gregory due to the transition of moving his Walish Gooshe Boutique locations, it was great to see the designer come alive again on the runway. He energized the audience with the stunning collection he presented.


Being a part of the fashion/entertainment industry is extremely rewarding and affords many opportunities to meet great people within the industry. It’s with great pleasure to introduce to the world talented artists such as Gregory Taylor, CEO of Walish Gooshe. Taylor is a well respected fashion designer, successful entrepreneur and new reality star from the hot new tv docu series show, ‘Industry Guys’, premiering October 13th on Take a walk with me as we enter into the world of Washington, DC’s, Gregory Taylor, CEO of Walish Gooshe….the man behind the seams.

‘Blu’: Which one of your childhood experiences, impacted your life and helped

you to become  successful fashion designer you are today? Who in your

life was a major influence for you?

GT: As a child,  I use to dress myself for school. My mother picked out clothes for me and I would go back and pull out something different. Bringing a shirt to elementary school that I designed. The shirt I made was dyed and cut into shapes. Hearing all the good feedback from that made me want to pursue fashion. My sister was my major influence. She was the first to go the college and graduate with honors. Her passion and drive made her my biggest inspiration. Not to mention her love for fashion. She was a very fashion forward person wearing the latest designer brands.


‘Blu’: What motivated you to create Walish Gooshe? Where does the name come from?


GT: “My love for fashion and design was the foundation. And I wanted women to have the

option of flexibly with the dresses being reversible taking them from day tonight. That was how it started and then I extended the brand to include gowns, shirts, blouses and now men’s wear. The name came from the heart and the meaning of Gooshe explains that meaning I’m happy you’re here and Walish means Class and sophistication.”

‘Blu’: Did spirituality play a role in your creative process?


GT: Yes for sure it keeps me interested in motivated to get to the next level. Fashion is a

very competitive industry and it can be tough at times but when you have faith in what

you do everything else fall into place.


‘Blu’: Do you design for men and women? What’s your style?


GT: I design both men and women clothing from street wear to formal.

My style is very bold I love to make a statement anywhere I go. I want people to notice and remember me from not only my great personality but from what I had on when they met me. That’s the type of clothing I design for my customer.


‘Blu’: How did the opportunity for the show, “Industry Guys”, happen and how did

your journey lead to this opportunity on the show?


GT: Cameron Washington the executive producer contacted me directly with the

opportunity to be on the show and it was an offer I could not refuse. At the time I was in the process of closing my retail store in NW Washington DC and gearing up for relocation in New York. I thought it would be a good opportunity to show the whole process of what it takes to be in such a competitive industry and the challenges behind owning your own business.


‘Blu’: What  is the show about and why is it important for people to tune in?


GT: The show is about six African American men working in different fields in the Industry

and the day-to-day challenges you face. Everyone part of the cast work in different fields such as makeup artist, hair stylist, painter, barber, international singer, model and clothing designer. The show is very inspiring to any up and coming artist or a person wanting to know more about these various industries.


‘Blu’: What does your future hold for fashion and entertainment?


GT: In the future I want to license my brand to a major retailer for global expansion. I want

to design shoes for both men and women, create a fragrance, and fashion forward fitness wear. As for entertainment, I’m looking forward to seeing my show “Industry Guys” break records and make us a hit show so we can have multiple seasons.


‘Blu’: What’s next for Walish Gooshe?


GT: I’m back into manufacturing and selling to stores now. Our Spring/Summer 2015

collection will be in specialty retails stores and online.


‘Blu’: When is your next event?


GT: I’m currently in the process of planning a fashion show in the Washington D.C. area

within the next couple of months. I plan on showing my Spring/Summer 2015 collection. My next big production will be Feb 2015 showing my new Fall/Winter 2015 collection

‘Blu: If you were a garment or accessory, what would you be and why?

GT: I would be a blazer because I love blazers. Blazers to man is what a gown is to a

women. It can make a major statement with use of fun prints, colors, and textures. With a nice tailored cut it would never go out of style!

‘Blu’: If you could shop or show anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?


GT: Paris is not only the fashion capital in the world but people come from all over the

world to see the collections. And I always wanted to show there.

‘Blu’: How do you feel the fashion industry is changing/evolving?


GT: I like the fact that there are no more rules in fashion such as you can’t wear white after

Labor Day or wear a tux jacket with a pair of nice fitted jeans. Fashion suppose to be self-expression almost a costume in a since how ever you feel or want to be for the daywear and be that person.


‘Blu’: What have you done to give back to the community?


GT: I work with Red Sprinkle Fashion Camp teaching the students how to design,

make patterns, construct garments, and the importance about the business end of it. It’s a lot of families that don’t have the money to put their kids into programs that want to learn how the make clothes but they don’t have the resources or funds. Helping them out by giving them a platform form to learn makes me feel better knowing that I made a difference in someone’s life and it keeps me wanting to contribute more.


‘Blu’: What advice do you give up and coming fashion designers?


GT: To open up social media accounts and use them to your advantage because its

free advertisement to promote your brand and to create awareness. Go to networking events and join fashion groups online. Don’t lowball yourself or give deals on new merchandise because you will end up losing money that you would need to put back into your business for the following season. All these things are very important to have a successful career!


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Model and Industry Guys cast Sheldon Verneil wear from Gregory Taylors’ new Spring/Summer 2015 Men’s Wear 2015 collection at Philadelphia fashion Week. #TaylorCollection









Gregory Taylor On set with Terrence Howard behind the scenes of his movie “Dead Man Down”


Gregory Taylor At Johnson Middle School with these amazing students guest speaking at @redsprinkle Fashion Boot Camp!

Gregory Taylor with Beyonce’s Stylist Ty Hunter


Gregory Taylor backstage with Singer Kellis

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Gregory Taylor of Walish Gooshe #Taylor Collection: The Man behind the Seams



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