Street Vybz TV The (Kconeil) Edition!

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Street Vybz Tv came alive again in Brooklyn. The now famous Aura Lounge got a taste of upcoming super star K’Coneil. This man is a natural born singer with star studded qualities.

I was so amazed by his vocal skills and ladies he is eye candy for sure lol. He got a major turn out and gave the audience something to remember.

He belted out his hit single (Me One) and received nothing but cheers form the crowd. It was a pleasure to highlight this entertainer. Trust and believe me when I tell he will be the next big hit.

Please enjoy the small video clip our full interview and pictures will be uploaded shortly.


About:οΏΌK’Coneil is a Native of Montego Bay Jamaica where he grew up in the small poverty stricken village of Granville. Born in a household of singers it wasn’t long before he developed a very strong love of music.


At the very tender age of 4 he began singing in church as most singers do and over the next 11 years he was a lead singer in different groups and choirs and toured the entire island which created a fire in him to develop an immense love for the stage and performing.


At the age of 16 he migrated to the United States on a full soccer scholarship to Nyack College in Rockland County NY where he attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance however while playing soccer and maintaining a 3.7 GPA he never lost his crave to be on stage performing. While in college he joined a group called GAM (Godly Anointing Men) where they sang at events and competed twice in the McDonald’s Gospel Fest at Madison Square Garden where they won first place and runner up in consecutive years .


After 4 years of trying to pursue a career in the music business the group decided to split as other members of the group weren’t committed. K’Coneil however never gave up on his dream of being a recording artiste and decided to work on a solo Christian album which he titled “Prodigal” which showcased 12 original songs all written and arranged by him. The album went on to sell over 3000 copies which were all done through performing at churches locally and regionally. Even though he was fulfilling his dream of performing, his love for reggae and pop music never subsided but only grew stronger.


This led to his decision to move in a completely new direction in; working with producers who could create music that connected to his roots by infusing his love for both reggae and pop genres.
Over the past 6 years K’Coneil has work with an array of producers in an attempt to find his “sound” while covering all genres of music. Presently he is committed to fulfilling his dream of being one of the best singer/songwriter/performer in music and representing his country and culture to the fullest!

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