Street Vybz Tv Continues With Hot97 Own Dj Young Chow!






11811318_483492225162295_7939291794876237907_nIn our efforts to keep our Community  connected to Urban & Caribbean celebrities &  lifestyle we continue our journey with StreetVybzTV the Dj Young Chow Edition.

Once again our Media Selfie Queen & staff gathered at Aura Lounge In Brooklyn NYC, to meet this time with Hot 97’s own Dj Young Chow.

This edition was done a little earlier than our usual set up time because of this famous Dj’s over booked schedule. Even with the early interview Dj young chow fans still showed up to show him love.

He was very professional & and time. When asked about his passion and why he continues to entertain the people he  replied “I love what I do this is my passion this is what I love”

Stay Tune for Video Footage of this amazing interview.



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