Review StreetVybztv 2016 The Nafatari Edition (April 9th 2016)

Review of StreetVybztv The Nafatari Edition  The  Live Audience Interview by AllAmericanMuslima
Saturday night, Billionaire Entertainment Magazine kicked of its first  2016 edition of StreetVybzTv.
I had the pleasure of watching the MediaSelfieQueen Blondie Billions  interview upcoming artist Nafatari in front of a live studio audience.

The event was hosted at Chef Mom’s Grill and Bakery located at 205-20 Jamaica ave in Queens. The atmosphere was spectacular! Witnessing the interview one would think there was much preparation involved but Blondie conducted the interview easily without a single question written down! In addition to totally “free-styling” the interview, the chemistry between Blondie and Nafatari was felt throughout the crowd. It was like watching sisters converse about family, goals, and one of my favorite topics: supporting each other. Not only was the support discussed but genuinely displayed by Blondie as she interacted with the crowd in an attempt to create a networking circle by explaining the power of social media and how she recognized Nafatari on Instagram.

Nafatari, a young artist who goes by her first name, is described as a pop reggae rockstar. She performed snippets from two of her recent tracks, “Queen of Queens” and “Money and Fast Cars” respectively. Both songs were extremely catchy with a pop sound and dancehall vibe.

Overall, it was quite enjoyable watching Blondie interview this rising star with such raw talent. Chef Moms was a perfect location for such an event. The owner, Nicole made rounds during the interview asking the guests if they were comfortable. That was a kind gesture that was unexpected but very appreciated. It was a nice experience all around. From the establishment to the artist to the interviewer, I thoroughly enjoyed the event.


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