Shameka Red & Black Affair 10/27/14

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RedCarpet Booking!



[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Oh what a night, Saturday September 27th 2014, at Lynx Lounge in Queens. I was feeling  kind of nervous because I was about to work with a unfamiliar production team. (My fears tuned out to be right but that’s another story). My nerves did not stop me, however, from arriving on time and getting the job done.

I placed my red carpet on the floor around 9:30 pm. The complete ambiance was set and ready for guest arrivals.  People started arriving around 11:30pm and I began working. You know your *Media Selfie Queen* shines when the  lights start flashing.

The  party came alive and  DJ Fry warmed up the crowd for the anticipated excitement to come. Bullet, oh yes the big bad bullet did his thing too. It was Light, Camera,  Action on the red carpet. The birthday girls family & friends took over the red carpet. Every one shared their love for the birthday girl. ( She Is Loved By Her Team)

The event was a complete success, I had the pleasure of meeting two amazing  gentlemen one a photographer and the next a videograher big them up. The excitement  was all night but when Hot97’s  own, our boy,  Dj Young Chow took the mic the place went into a frenzy. The red carpet area became empty lol, every one took to the dance floor and the night went down in history.

We are still waiting for our footage from the hired video man of the night hmm we will keep you all posted on that. Thanks again, Shameka Therealgdshit Hewitt for  booking us for your Red & Black Affair 9/27/14!


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