Kendrick Lamar and Assassin: “The Blacker the Berry”

imagesI guess the saying is true, when they say to every action there’s a reaction, likewise the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. Apparently “The Blacker the Berry” is pure juice and absolutely the sweetest juice I have subconsciously sip this year. All due to its bamboozle approach and strong subject matter. A clear reaction to the manifestation of the crucial times we are in.

The song spewed some ere feeling in the air that rain on every house tops. Can you feel it? Its anger, Its rage, Its confrontation on every front. Have our cup runneth over? Have we have enough, enough of the hyprocritism, and of the black against black? Maybe or maybe not, but one rapper who’s expressing his feelings and seems not to give a fuck is Kendrick Lamar. His newly released single ” The Blacker The Berry” featuring Jamaica’s own Assassin, pronounced such expressions.

From the start of the intro of this self vindication his phrases are “Everything black” and “Black don’t crack my Nigga”. Like the tempest he went on to unleashed an arsenal of attack, seeming to aimed at the destructive times and pace we trap in. Theres no mistaking that he is mad and furious with his intensify passionate flow and energetic delivery. His displays of the strong subject matters employed in the song shows that he may actually cares about what he’s saying.


Hands down to Saco, the Agent Assassin killed it on the hook. An ever promising talented Dancehall artist, who’s something like a sleeping giant. I’m in love with his strong confirmation on the track. He described in short terms the reality of being black and why the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice, as he stated, “Remember this, every race starts from the blacks”.

Still there is a flip side to this song that can riled mix feelings in a not too satisfying way. In his last bar Kendrick stated, “So why did I weep, when Treyvon Martin was in the streets, when gang banging make me kill a Nigga blacker than me?” This would make one asked, Is he justifying the senseless killings of many innocent black men by police as lack of self-respect. Or is he pin pointing a topic of conversation to spark controversy?

In any case I absolutely don’t agree. Respectability in our community would not have save any nor stop the senseless killings of young black lives by the authorities.  For history has taught us that loving and respecting oneself will not change the hatred and prejudice of another. But as Kendrick said, “I’m the biggest hypocrite of 2015…,” on that note I would agree, because in closing a song about oppression and racism, to turn the gun on yourself and your people is “hypocritical,” in my opinion. Yet still, with over 2million views in one day and over 11 thousands comments, thats evidence that music transcend all boundaries. In this case, the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. Juice up brothers for the revolution will be televise.

~Michael RS Morrison/BillionaireMagimages-1







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