(Health & Wellness) Wraps R A Girl Best Friend is here to tell you about the Ultimate Pack


Wraps R A Girl Best Friend is here to tell you about the Ultimate Pack, it’s not just body wraps. You can take your body to another level not only looking sexy but repairing and being healthy inside as well. Wraps R A Girl Best Friend not only wants to show you products but knowing the benefit that these products have in and on your body. I like to educate my customers and followers. I’m into building relationships not just sales. You can order and surf the products on my site which is http:wrapsRagirlbestfriend.myitworks.com If you have questions you can text me or email me. I am here to help you make the right decisions. 347-433-5580, email: wrapsragirlbestfriend@yahoo.com This pack comes in Chocolate and Creamy Vanilla.


Take your body to the ultimate level with the Ultimate Pack, which takes all the benefits of our Fit Pack and supercharges your results with the calorie-burning boost of Ultimate ThermoFit™, the core daily nutrients of It’s Vital™ Core Nutrition Formula, and It’s Essential® weight loss energy bars to transform your body inside and out.


Tighten, tone & firm in 45 minutes with the Ultimate Body Applicator

Reduce the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins with Defining Gel

Cut diet-killing cravings and absorb less fat and carbs—after you’ve eaten them!—with Advanced Formula Fat Fighter

Get the nutritional boost of 8+ servings of fruits and veggies in every glass of GreensTM-Orange

Alkalize and energize through better pH balance within the body

Reshape your figure with quicker lean muscle growth

Be heart smart by maintaining healthy cholesterol levels

Feel rejuvenated and regular with improved immune and digestive system health

Tap into the power of hot peppers to fire up your metabolic rate and burn more calories

Curb appetite and cut cravings with a tasty, metabolism-boosting dark chocolate-berry snack

Sustained nutrition with the vital antioxidants, phytonutrients, and

vitamins your body needs right when you need them



Includes: 4 Ultimate Body Applicators (1 box with 4 applications), 1 Defining Gel (6.0 fl. oz), 1 Advanced Formula Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitors (60 Tablets), 1 GreensTM-Orange (alkalizing drink powder, approximately 30 servings), 1 Ultimate ProFIT(advanced superfood nutrition – creamy vanilla flavor, approximately 30 servings), 1 Ultimate ThermoFit(60 Tablets), 1 It’s Vital Core Nutrition Formula (90 Tablets), It’s Essential (30 weight loss energy bars)


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