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If you familiar with the dancehall scene then you are familiar with video man Al . And if you know of Al you must know of his beautiful life partner Lady Julie . Please enjoy our interview with this Caribbean Power Couple .

Are You married ?  Yes We Are  

How long have you been married/dating ? We are married 16 years and were together 6 years before our marriage.


How long did you two date before marriage ? Because we knew from the first year that we intended to spend the rest of our God given life together, we count our marriage as 22 years which is the total of our time together.


 How many children  & grandchildren do you guys have? We have 14 biological and adopted children and are blessed with 10 grand children.


In the crazy world of dancehall and its many temptations how do you guys as a couple keep everything grounded? We keep our life grounded because our faith in God has always guided our decision making. Therefore we focused on the positives of dancehall rather than the negatives.  We see dancehall as part of our cultural heritage.


Julie what are some of the plus on being married to the great Video Man Al ? The pluses of being married to Al is having personal experience of his incredible faith in God. His natural love, human compassion and generosity to family, friends and people. I have the joy of having a husband who is multi talented and dynamic in that, besides being one of the best in video and photography; he’s an awesome chef, certified mechanic, skilled electrician, skilled in home construction, renovation, decoration, gardening and is great at laundry and household chores.


 Julie what are some of the negatives on being married to the Video Man Al ? The negatives of being married to Al Video is often times his job calls for him to travel and work major holidays away from family. Also, on the rare occasions when I’m with him on some of his assignments actually witnessing arrogant, ignorant and disrespectful behaviors can be upsetting.


Al how long have you been doing what you do ? This year will make 28 years for Al’s Video and Photo.  Video and photography was a hobby and passion that with God’s help became my career. After resigning my job with the State department of the US embassy in Jamaica as an automotive engineer;


What was your inspiration to start? I migrated to NY and needed a job to provide for my family and myself.  Therefore, I went on my knees in deep prayer asking God to bless me with a career; and as you can see my prayer was answered.


Are there any regrets Al/Julie ? One personal regret is not resuming a job with the State department or any government entity in America which would guarantee me a pension after 20 years of service. Being an entrepreneur I have to provide for my own pension and retirement. However, my job is allowing me to do so, including to traveling to different places, meeting various people and gaining priceless experiences. It’s been and is a wonderful journey and learning experience.  As a result our union has been strengthen ever more.


What’s the most important thing you want the world to know about your union? The most important thing about our union is that we put God first in all that we do, and we pray together. We truly respect, admire and love each other so we put each other first.  We are best friends and effectively communicate and spend quality time together. We basically see each other as one.


 We would like to share with your readers ? that they should pray to God to provide for them a good life partner who is God fearing, virtuous, compassionate and understanding. From a business and financial perspective we recommend that whenever possible maintain a balance with being an entrepreneur and 9-5 employee. We highly recommend having health, life, annuity and accidental insurance.  In addition to savings, real property and investments funds for stability and in preparation for retirement.  From a spiritual perspective, be sure to find a church home and family for spiritual enrichment to love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, mind, soul and strength. And to love thy neighbor as thy self; remember to keep the sabbath holy and all God’s commandments to ensure a happy and prosperous life.


What does it mean to you to be our 2012-2013 Caribbean power couple feature ? It is indeed a pleasure and huge compliment to be part of Billionaire Mag 2012-2013 Caribbean power couple feature.  It is an honor and privilege to be recognized as one of your selected  2012-2013 Caribbean power couple knowing that we just live our life in a natural and dignify manner and as a result was selected.  We pray continued success for your magazine and business ventures.





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