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We Celebrate The Billionaire In You : Introducing Producer Vivian Thomas !

Vivian Thomas is producer and CEO (along with Sherene McQueen) of Push A Yute Productions based in Jamaica and the UK. A past student of Champion and University of the West Indies , he has combined his love of music and altruistic to form a successful company .

Starting from a humble beginning the 1st of 5 children, Vivian started piano lessons at the age of 6 where he learned the fundamentals of music. He then attended Miss Ena Helps at the Royal School of music where he went on to become a grade 5 pianists.

Early influences included his father who was an ardent lover of reggae music, and exposed exposed Vivian to greats like Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Barrington Levy & many more) and earlier genres of Jamaican music Ska, Rock Steady and the now famous Dancehall.

In his early teenage years at school Vivian worked with a sound system called Taurus and started doing promotions and hosting parties all over Portmore & Kingston.
He also also took on the role of manager for a young upcoming artist called Lolli for a short period of time.

In 1999 Vivian started working with veteran producer King Jammys and it was there he gained knowledge and experience and learned production. He worked on a number of well-known albums and with a number of artist such as Bounty Killer, Lady Saw Bush Man, Mighty Diamonds, Tixx, Trilogy, to name a few.

Vivian migrated to the UK because of family commitments but returned to Jamaica to work with UIM and founder Sean Myrie. After working on several projects together, putting together all the skill and knowledge gained from working with several producers like John John, King Jammys, Rick Dietl, Vivian started Push A Yute Productions in 2009. He stated that this was as an avenue for young talented Jamaicans to enter into the music industry. Vivian recognized the difficulty that young artist faced, whether it was lack of resources to put out their work professionally or get extensive exposure of their talent because of being turned away from record labels or production houses.

Push A Yute has supported a number of young artists to effect positive change on this future generation, by working with well-known and recognized artists to produce albums that also feature younger acts like Itemologi, D’Arryval and Posh, giving exposure to these young talents vicariously. The company also provides a mentor ship programmer which has been very successful not only locally but internationally, and has worked with a UK based production company to release their first album. The company recently signed Top Gunners, Neutron, Tactical and Disgusting. Since starting with the company this summer, 2011, they have amassed a number of songs for their mix tape due out November, which includes their first single on Reggae Rock Riddim (Push A Yute) and collaboration with International female artist Nefatari.

Since its inception Push A Yute and Vivian have been involved in many musical projects, working with artists such as Trilla U, Bush man, Deva Bratt, Jah Niceness, Dante Thomas(former refugee artist), Blak Diamon, Gappy Ranks, Gyptian, Carl Meeks, Shane O , Chedda, Fyah King , Beekie Bailey, Esco, Ryno to name a few. Vivian has produced and released System Riddim Album, Paper Chase(single), Warrior Riddim Album and is currently working on releasing Pree Dem Riddim Album . There are many future projects such as Reggae Rock, P.A.Y Presents just to name a few.

The label has evolved and has recently launched its clothing line with t-shirts designed with a musical theme in mind, F.E.M Classic–females evolving music, Blue Rose, PAY and Music: My life.

Vivian has stated :that he will continue to explore and push the boundaries of music while nurturing young talent and offering all forms of insight into the music industry



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