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Are you a Billionaire Boss ? Our definition of a BillionaireBoss, A person  with purpose. A individual with a talent/vision/product that is destined to be successful. A individual working diligently to take his or her talent/vision/product to the top . The CEO’s that are hustling and bustling with billions in mind.

Allow me to introduce you to this featured (BillionaireBoss) CEO of 

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  • What inspired you to venture in your craft ? I have several crafts that I embrace: event promoter, make-up artist, and jewelry styling. Event promoting came about with an influence from my family they own a sound system and have promoted events since migrating to Washington, DC in the 1970’s so I was  surrounded by the entertainment business . Once I became of age I began to promote and create my own event – I used my childhood name Redgal as the promotional name – Miss Redgal and I created the Champagne and cake affair – in celebration of my birthday in March.

Makeup artistry has been something I’ve loved since I was a child, growing, learning and perfecting my craft. I was diagnosed with Cancer in 2009, I was home for about a year and a half and my skin became effected by the chemotherapy, so my makeup intuition was pushed to the limit, to assist my facial appearance. As well during that time, being at home so much I created my youtube channel (missred gal) & my beauty website and blog – Fabulously Red, doing makeup tutorials and product reviews. It was both therapeutic and a great interactive classroom for myself and my viewers.

The jewelry business came about late last year, I am always known for my event ensemble’s most notably my jewelry selections. I  began styling jewelry for other people attending events. A necklace set here, a bracelet stack set there and I decided to turn it into a profitable business – Rossi Modo. On my site I am able to free-hand style accessories at the finger tips of everyone around the world.

I wear several hats, and I love trying different ventures. I know not to spread myself to thin, so for now the buck stops here and I put 1000% into all my endeavors!

  •  How long have you been in business ?I have promoted events since I was a child, officially for myself-Miss Redgal Promotions about 9years now. I have been doing make-up for over 15years, I turned it into a business over 6 years ago-Fabulously Red, Jewelry styling as an online retailer for almost a year now – Rossi Modo


  • What is your ultimate goal ? My ultimate goal is to brand brand brand!! Myself as a socialite/event promoter, As a great make-up artist and maybe a line of cosmetics of my own, and to be on every run way from new york to paris with my ostentatious accessories of my own design.


  •  What are some of the plus in being a entrepreneur?  Most notable, the plus of being an entrepreneur is that you are your own boss – I know cliche’ right?? but most of all you are your brand! You make the rules and it of course you set your hours – although i have no set schedule once my phone goes off and my eyes are open, I am on it! lol 


  • What are some of the negatives in being a entrepreneur ? That there are no set hours, I pride myself in great customer service, so in my sleep Im reading emails and trying to run a business, with you being the sole boss you wear yourself thin, so I am working on perfecting my set hours and of course time management is always an ongoing challenge! But it gets better each day!


  • Is there any other ventures in store for you? For now I am just working on perfecting the crafts I am currently working in, but I will never deny an opportunity! If an idea or opportunity comes about, I am definitely willing to try it.


  •  What does wearing the tile “BillionaireBoss” Mean to you ? Means a great deal to me! It reminds me that besides God someone really notices your hard-work and your grand hustle ability! It’s a great reminder that the 100 hats I wear a day is not just done for me but for everyone! Working hard as a young woman in this world, keeping your head above the water, and setting the pace for those to follow – is a god blessing, and I am humbly honored! Bob Marley best said it – if my life is for me alone, I dont want it, its for everybody.


  •  What inspired the name of your company ? Miss Redgal, is a childhood name, I added the Miss to give it a bit of sophistication. Fabulously Red is just a description of me and my lifestyle and also a piggy back on my nick-name. Rossi Modo means, again “Red’s Style/ or all things Red’s like’s” in Italian.


  • What are your short term goals for your company? To continue to book events, provide a great service to the world, and to continue to grow


  • What are your long term goals for your company ? branding, branding and more branding – getting the name out there and crafting the brand that is Miss Redgal and all things Red!


  • What are steps you are taking to market your company ? I utilize all social networking sites. I am everywhere and where I cant be a computer allows me to reach so I love that. I attend lots of events to network my companies. There is never an opportunity when I dont advertise what I do, I keep business cards everywhere! If I am in the grocery store I wont leave unless I have given out a few cards. What you put into this business of your own is what you get back.


  • Name one thing you will regret doing since launching your company ? When I first began Rossi Modo I was very hesistant about making myself the face of my company. I went as far to create a story that it wasnt my company and I was just the assistant. But as time went on and a few choice words from my friends were given to me, I decided to dissipate the pseudo story and stand behind my business! Fear is a hell of a thing – but my faith teaches me daily that its not how many times you fall fro grace but how fast you regain focus, get back up and try again!


  • Name one thing you will never regret doing since launching your company ? Going the extra mile in everything I do. No matter how exhausted I am, I will push the limit, and there is always a grand reward and an even greater lesson learned.


  •  Is their anything you want to share with our readers ? That I thank you all for your support! I get simple emails or comments on social sites giving me kudos for my endeavors. Those are the things I pull strength from when I am not having a great day. So I just want to tell you a million thanks! To also let you know that I am working for you, I am only human, and every day is a trial that I am not afraid to go up against. Most of all *muah* a big kiss!


  • What motivates you ? My story! I have seen it all and have been through it all, the loss of friends, I have survived cancer, I have been a victim of scandal but at the end of the day I kneel to God and him alone, and when I rise and look in the mirror and I am still breathing and moving – that alone gives me motivation. As well, I want when I am gone that I have a positive legacy that generations after me can be proud of! Lastly, my family – where would I be with out my supportive parents Yvonne and Trevor, my huge family, my wonderful Fiance Ricardo and my true friends!




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