Rasta Billionaire Barbie Set It Off With Our Artist Of The Week *SHAGGY*


What sounds better to you?
For you to be rich or for you to be healthy?
We are all familiar with NeNe Leakes famous catch phrase: “IM RICH, BITCH!” and to be rich is absolutely great but, it was an off camera pep talk with a gentleman by the name of Orville Burrell this week that completely changed my perspective on how I viewed my current life.
“Being WELTHY is knowing who you are and what you are WORTH & saying ‘Yes, I’ll take this’; ‘No, thank you’ and/or simply F@%K you!” were the resounding words of international mega star; SHAGGY [to me] at a very full press day at SONY RED records earlier this week.

It has been quite a life journey for the sexy, multi-talented and world renowned music sensation. From his early years growing up as a youth in Jamaica; to his trouble making days in Flatbush [Brooklyn]; into everyone’s favorite ‘I need to get it together’ stage and finally his glorious and ultimate destination – the music!

So, in my head the #rastabillionairebarbie is thinking ‘Sure, this is Shaggy and it’s easy for HIM to say that; he’s practically effortlessly BOTH!’ I mean, MILLIONS sold from his universal musical success, every label he’s ever been with has made MONEY, everyone featured on a song makes money, and he damn-near has the King Midas touch with almost everything that he touches – turns to gold [or better!] and fans across the world no matter where he is in his career follow his every social move, especially, the women (Seriously, can you blame us?)

And he loves us right back, that is until he married his stunning, beauty queen wife REBECCA PARKER and, here enters his wealth.

He is a husband, a DAD ( a princess movie watching, family beach day taking and tea party having INVOLVED father amid his busy schedule) – and he doesn’t only love his own pickney dem! For almost more than a decade, Mr. LuvahLuvah has been putting on a benefit concert called SHAGGY & FRIENDS at the beginning of each year and has raised well over MILLIONS for the only Children’s hospital in the English speaking Caribbean {BUSTAMANTE HOSPITAL} bringing in world-class acts such as Neyo, Konshens, Chronixx, Elephant Man – just to name very few.

And all from his OWN pocket!

I, then realized that although I am getting there (like many of you reading especially, in the mid-twenties category) may not be where I want to be yet, with finances and/or career … I am striving to be rich because I am already extremely wealthy
For more SHAGGY log onto: www.ranchent.com


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