About BeMagazine

Billionaire Entertainment Magazine aka, @BillionaireMag a LLC was founded in 2009. Its official  launch date was October 28, 2009. Our first published issue was printed  spring 2016 & is currently in rotation. A cutting edge media outlet, aggressively covering Urban & Caribbean lifestyle.

With a dedicated team focused on keeping our community informed, on local & international news/celebrity news. Covering some of the biggest names in Hollywood, Fashion, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae and Dancehall. Our daily news coverage  gives readers the latest buzz within the music and fashion industries, along with top breaking stories.

We are the most elaborate Caribbean & American Magazine to hit the racks.We highlight the movers & shakers of the Urban & Caribbean Diaspora by giving them our signature titles BillionaireBoss/BillionaireBossChicks/BillionaireBodies & BilionaireBabies.  

We go  into the depths of the streets (Street Vybz Tv) to bring you the behind scenes of celebrity lifestyle, entertainment & breakin news. Standing by the concept of meaningful media/positive press this growing publication was able to dominate social media.


We are also considered a major Urban & Caribbean advertising platforms. After securing a solid position in the Urban &  Caribbean community,  We Launched *Street Vybz Tv. With the combined efforts of Street Vybz Tv & Billionaire Entertainment Magazine we have builded  a major platform  for small business owners to showcase their own business.

Bemagazine is also considered one of the major advertising platforms. After securing a solid position in the Caribbean & American community, BeMagazine Launched *Street Vybz Tv. With the combined efforts of Street Vybz Tv & BeMagazine a major platform was created for small business owners to showcase their own business.

About Street Vybz Tv:

Street Vybz Tv is a unique way to connect the Caribbean & American diaspora with our celebrity features & affiliates. Street Vybz Tv is filmed at local business within the tristate with a live studio audience. Our exceptional team of creative directors & our Host with her  strong viewpoints connect with the audience in personal ways.


Our firm, sophisticated approach and creative directions integrates content with community. Leaving our featured guess & live audience with a beautiful experience they will never forget. 

Thanks to all our readers, affiliates & staff for making Billionaire Entertainment Magazine the premiere magazine for Urban Caribbean Entertainment.



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