A Woman of Substance: The force behind ‘LushRadioOnline’

A Woman of Substance: The force behind ‘LushRadioOnline’

December 15, 2014 | Patricia ‘Blu’ Freeman

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Queens, New York native, Mojisola edu, known as  Lushylush of Lush Radio Online is a Female Hip Hop Honors Award 2014 winner, on-air personality, media,  pop and hip hop culture analyst and style maven. She is best known to audiences for her work hosting her radio show, ‘LushRadioOnline’, interviewing A-List celebs attending events and behind the scenes as head of her photographer/videography team  in the Washington, DC and New York market. Lush is currently an on-air personality at top rated internet radio station LushRadioOnline . She is also the founder and editor of the online version of LushradioOnline on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the official website at www.lushradioonline.com.


A Mother, entrepreneur and making waves in the media/entertainment industry, Lush sat down with us for an exclusive interview to learn more about her and delve into her world.


Who is Lush Radio Online?

Lushradioonline is a idea that transformed into a business. It is independently own by Mojisola Edu AKA LushyLush. We educate and entertain our listeners and viewers. We give back to our fans , schools and the community. We do all of this out of our own pockets. We are a online radio station and we do video interviews. We cover Celebrities, Indie artist , business, and we play music from everywhere. We talk about world issues and more. We have been in business for 7 years and we are growing. We are considered the people’s voice . We speak for the people with no voices.  We are all around media, video and photography.


How did you get started doing what you do? Who do you look up to in the field?

I got started in the industry as a poet, rapper and model.  I always wanted to rap but, the industry was crazy, I decided to do internet radio before anyone one took it seriously. I felt  that if I created my own station and brand , I could make more of an impact on the music industry. I wanted to be the just  like  Angie Martinez or better.


What made you branch out on your own to create Lush Radio online?*

People weren’t taking me seriously and I was tired of asking and getting doors shut in my face. I reached out to people and asked them to work with me and I would get no response, so I decide the only way for me to be know is to create my own. My private investor gave  me a thousand dollars to start my business and gave me the name Lushradio but , I added the online because, I believed in the near future the online market would grow and it did. I stayed consistent. I believe in  being self sufficient.


Who have you interviewed?

The list of Former Celebrity Guest I’ve interviewed is quite a few. Notable names in the entertainment business include: T-BOZ of TLC, Tichina Arnold AKA Pam from Martin , French Montana, Fred the Godson , Super Producer Buda da Future , Kurtis Blow , BusyBee, DJ Scratch, Kid Capri, DJ Kay Slay, DJ J-RONIN, DJ LAZY K, DMX, FAT JOE, Lil Flip, Queen Pen, Charlamagne Tha God, 1st Lady EL, Lil Fats Ceo of coast2coastmixtapes, Dame Grease, Special Ed , Jive A&R/Mgr Kevin Shine

Super Producer Ty Fyffe, Super Producer Tony Dofat, Super Producer Shaun Bless, The Awesome 2, Ed OG, Noe (byrdgang) and Murder Mook.


Who was the most interesting interview or event and why?

The greatest  event was when I went to LA for the Female Hip Hop Honors and I won the award  for  best social media and  radio personality.   That was a big highlight for me because, I was finally recognized for my hard work  and I received another award from Black wall street too. My greatest interview was with T-boz from TLC because, I looked  up to the group and she was one of my favorites . It was also great interviewing the Awesome 2 , Hip Hop Legends because , they are pioneers in the game and they said I reminded them of a younger version of Angie Martinez  and that made me feel wonderful to get a co -sign like that.


What have you learned from the media/communication field?

Being in media is competitive  and you have to stay consistent  with all media. You have to stay up to date  with technology. Never burn bridges and build a good rapport with people. Your contacts, are like gold right . Be aggressive and never let up. Perfect your craft.


Would you do anything different?

Uum , Maybe not waste as much time with investing in other people’s dreams and taking away from mine. I believe everything happens for a reason in order for you to grow and to better yourself.


What advice would you give up and coming students interested in working as a radio personality?


Be limitless, never limit your own potential. Build your contacts because , your only one person away from your blessing.  Stay consistent. What the people you surround yourself with because , not everyone see’s the big picture. Tell people only what they need to know. Know everything about your field , research , and practice to be the best.


Tell us what awards or accolades you’ve received recently and what that means to you.


Best social media and radio personality at the female Hip-Hop honors . I also received a Black Wall Street Award,  honoring my work in the community and entertainment industry from Doni Glover of Bmorenews with the event  hosted by Micheline Bowman of Fox 5 news. I receive a award of recognition from the State Maryland for community service.


What does the future hold for Lush Radio Online?


We are unorthodox media , meaning you can not classify us in anywhere because , we cover everything. We on the transition of becoming mobile media  meaning  doing  interviews any and everywhere. The  name and brand will grew and we will be able to  do bigger and better things to give back to our community.


What’s next for you?

More celebrity event , television and filming my reality show. I’m looking towards writing a book in the near future.


If you were a garment (shoe, dress) or accessory what would you be and why?


I would be anything Alexander Mcqueen , because I love the look and his styles. I would be his bag and shoes and dress. Yes


Well, there you have it.  Lush of LushRadioOnline is a woman on the move. LushRadioOnline can be found at www.LushRadioOnline.com and on Facebook at ‘LushRadioOnline’ to see what she’s up to.


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