Amber Bryant from Bravo TV’s Mother Funders Presents Gossip Hour Conference Call

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Amber Bryant from Bravo TV’s Mother Funders Presents Gossip Hour Conference Call

When: 10/18/2015
Time: 7:00-8:00
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We had a blast at the launch party for Stiletto Mom. View Recap! Now it’s time to learn more about this social club. So if you want to learn more about Stiletto Mom join Amber Bryant on her introductory conference call, moderated by Robin Dyke, as she discuss how you can become a Stiletto Mom!

Here are the HOT TOPICS:
* How to Join Stiletto Mom
* What is Stiletto Mom Offering
* Upcoming FREE MOMcations
* Events for 2016 and more

About Stiletto Mom:

Being a woman in today’s society can be a bit of a challenge. And being a mother, well let’s just say that sometimes one head is not enough for all the hats you must wear. It was designed by nature that women be the nurturing beings we are, but sometimes in being so, we lose sight of ourselves. Often times we lose sight of our dreams in the midst of pushing others towards theirs. When is it our time to shine? When is it our time to make moves to make those dreams on the shelves a reality?

Stiletto Mom says NOW!

It is the mission of Stiletto Mom to equip moms and women to help navigate their lives and dreams. Stiletto Mom is the opportunity to be apart of a community that inspires and encourages moms and women to go after their dreams FEARLESSLY and FABULOUSLY! Created and designed by philanthropist, scholar, mother and wife Amber Bryant. Bryant saw that there was a necessity to be able to balance it all. “It all” referring to a career, a family, personal growth, following dreams, letting go of guilt and being your authentic self, all without breaking a sweat.

Stiletto Mom is the opportunity for moms and women to believe in themselves and have the courage to go after their dreams and live life on our own terms. Balance is key and that is why Stiletto Mom offers products and tips in order to make our lives a little less hectic and a little bit easier.

Want to learn more!? Meet us on the call on October 18th.


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